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“The scenery that Pamela Topham weaves into her impressionist tapestries shows no sign of human intervention. Her studies  of wetlands bathed in the blush of dawn or under soft overcast skies are muted and evocative, eliminating details in favor of atmosphere and mood !!”

Helen Harrison, The New York Times

“Pamela Topham’s landscape weavings capture panoramic distance and the complexity of light in threads that lock in color, texture, and depth of field.”

Rose LS. Slifka, The East Hampton Star

“Weaving her fresh plowed rows one can almost smell the overturned soil. Her ocean views shimmer with sunlight, you easily imagine the feel of sand under your bare feet.  Her skies are extraordinary, expansive, a visual tranquilizer.”

Kathleen White, Southampton Press

“The multileveled visual effect of foreground and shimmering distance is stunning.”

Rose LS. Slifka, The East Hampton Star



Dan’s Papers: 13 covers 1991-2012 with interviews by Marion Weiss

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Commissions; Yale Elms, Yale Club, New York, New York,
American Craft, June/July 1995

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Cover Article, July 24, 1979

Interview, Let’s Talk Art: Pamela Tohpam, 30 minute video,
LTV & The East Hampton Artists Alliance, 6/93

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