Commissions & Collections


Commissions & Collections

McGraw Hill Ltd., London, UK Old Farm Accabonac Harbor, Fresh Pond Inlet, Autumn Light

McGraw-Hill Companies, New York, NY: Colorado Plateau South of Kayenta, Texas Canyon, Arizona, Summer Dawn, Accabonac Harbor, Convergence at Wainscott Pond

Yale Club, New York, New York, Yale Elms
Carter-Wallace, Inc., New York, NY:

Farm Credit Systems Building Associates, McClean, Virginia,

Inter-Science, Southampton, New York,

Arthur Anderson Inc., Huntington, New York
Montauk Yacht Club, Montauk, New York, Montauk Triptych


The Commissioning Process

Commissioning a work of art is an opportunity to acquire exactly the work one desires for a particular site in a home or commercial space. 

This is an interactive process, a collaboration between artist and client.

More specifically the commissioning process involves the following:

  1. 1.Preliminary discussions of image, determination of proportion, size, and schedule.
  2. 2.Colored pencil drawing of purposed landscape in proportion to the tapestry.
  3. 3.Ordering of silk, wool, and linen, and the weaving of the tapestry begins.
  4. 4.Delivery and installation of tapestry on site.


Please contact me directly for details and payment schedule.

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